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Whether you are with an EXIM business house, logistics company or are a customs house agent, our plans are specially tailored to enable you to successfully achieve your business objectives.

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  • 0 sub user
  • 7 days validity
  • 20 searches
  • All Codes Access
  • 0 Insights
  • 0 Alerts
  • Preferential Duty Access



  • 2 sub user
  • 180 days validity
  • 1000 searches
  • Preferential Duty Access
  • 5 Alerts
  • 20 Insights
  • All Codes Access



  • 5 sub user
  • 365 days validity
  • 3000 searches
  • Preferential Duty Access
  • 15 Alerts
  • 50 Insights
  • All Codes Access



  • 10 sub user
  • 365 days validity
  • 10000 searches
  • Preferential Duty Access
  • 30 Alerts
  • 100 Insights
  • All Codes Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cusbuzz is first & the only online custom duty App on Web and Mobile, which helps you to get instant access to the latest Indian custom duty rates, Preferential duty rates, Cess, IGST rates, Anti dumping duty/Countervailing duty, Import regulatory requirements, Import policy, Exemption notifications, and much more.

Whether you are a Logistics company, CHA or an Importer, getting custom duty breakdown and exact duty calculation (under one roof) doesn’t get easier than this. Get access to crucial insights on top relevant exemption notifications, Top HS codes etc. for your products.

You can go to the subscription page or sign up to choose the most relevant subscription plan and make payment through the payment gateway for instant activation of your plan. You will receive a welcome email along with the Tax Invoice on your registered email id.

Cusbuzz team strives to update duty rates, changes in HS codes, notifications etc on a weekly basis

Yes, all the Free trade agreements / Preferential trade agreements (In force) have been taken care of.

In Paid subscription, you can access Insights module to check the most relevant exemption notification based on your Product/ HS code and country of origin to see if you can import at a lower duty.

As a paid user you can access Custom duty rates , Preferential duty rates and calculate your exact duty for all your products.
You can also see safeguard measures like anti-dumping duty, countervailing duty along with non-tariff measures like regulatory requirements.

You can set alerts on your Product/ HS codes to be intimated for changes in duty rates, HS codes etc. Paid plan also entitles you to free access to the Insights module, which helps you to lower your custom duty by providing enlightening insights on relevant exemption notifications, top HS codes used in the industry, top supplier countries, top Indian ports used in the industry ,based on your product keywords.

As a paid plan user to can access crucial insights on the most relevant exemption notifications based on your product and country of Origin, Top HS codes used in the industry for your products, alternate supplier countries, Top Indian ports of Import for your products.

Yes, based on your subscription plan , you can choose to provide access to multiple users in your organization under a single subscription.

At cusbuzz, it’s easy for you to stay on top of your game by simply setting an alert on your HS codes and you start receiving notifications on your email and App as soon as there’s a change in duty rate or new HS codes are introduced.

Yes, you get a free access to mobile app with your subscription.

Simply email us on and our customer care team will contact you at our earliest.

Our database is a result of extensive work of our subject matter experts. The database is made from Indian Customs Notifications, Circulars, Documents on Free trade Agreements, Preferential trade agreements etc. and all efforts are made to ensure correct, complete and updated information at all times.

If you feel you have a problem with Cusbuzz App, do let us know & we will resolve it for you. If you are still not happy, we’ll refund your money as per our refund policy.

Cusbuzz offers plans to suit different needs of our clients, If you are a Logistics company / CHA dealing in multiple product lines & heavy usage of duty calculator, Corporate/Enterprise plan will be best suited for you. If you are an Importer with limited products and usage, you can choose SME Plan.